My weekend w/ Steve McQueen’s Widows (2018)


ON: a movie binge

IN: my feelings

W/: a hot bowl of Thai curry & prawns

On my letterboxd I gave Widows (2018) a five star rating. I am not one to rate films– but

I saw this film last night

and was

blown away

with the acting.

Three words:  Danial. Kaluuya’s. Performance.

That gym scene near the half-way mark had me spinning in more ways than one. I mean– I knew what was going to happen. We all knew what was going to happen. We just didn’t know it was going to happen LIKE THAT. Whew.

widows 2018 still 1:2

I cannot over look the amount of predictability in a few key scenes. There is a lot of predictability in this film– but also, a lot in life. We can often foresee the destination, but often cannot predict the journey. Word.

Widows taught me about family, friendship, community. Lack thereof. Betrayal. Loneliness. A fresh start.

I crawled out of bed this morning still reeling from the post-screening mental state (PSMS) that this movie left me in. I staved off the sun & the smoke (hello again 2018 Camp Fire) until noon— then I made my way SF’s Mission District for a hot bowl of Panang Curry.

Zabb Thai Cuisine, that’s the name of the place. Don’t be fooled by the sparse crowd when you get there; everyone there is family and the food is BANGING.

I ordered the Panang with prawns, and a side of jasmine rice. Piece of advice: Come hungry– but not so hungry that you forget to take a second and soak in the smells of your food before you dig in. So good.

Just as I finished my plate, an old lady walked in. As she was seated, I signed my receipt, and stayed just long enough to take in the conversation.

Older lady: “I want the same thing. As usual.”

Waiter: “Okay. Shrimp?”

Older Lady: “Mhm.”

Waiter: “Curry?”

Older Lady: “Mhm.”

Waiter: “Crispy Tofu?”

Older Lady: “Mm– I want the spring rolls this time.”

Waiter: *Smiles* “Okay.” *Walks away*

Older Lady: “Don’t put dressing on the salad!”

As I’m slipping out, a group of five walks in.

Waiter: “How are you?! How are you?”

Woman: “Hello! We brought the parents today!”

I headed to the library, reflecting on the essence of community– whether I had it. On the way, I stopped at Double Shot Coffee on Mission. In the small cafe, I found my self reminded of Widows’ final scene.

In a cafe, someone is pouring Vi Davis (the legend) a coffee. She and Elizabeth Debicki (who absolutely crushed it!!) don’t know how to look at each other. They don’t know if they should. But in the end, I hope they do. After all, we don’t get to see them reconcile before the fade to black.

Let that not be our story.

widows 2018 still 2:2

I cant wait to get home so I can drag my mom to see Widows with me. Can’t wait to drool over the social commentary &  technical genius (see: the continuous shot. You know the one. The car one. Yep, that one. Wow.) that can only really be appreciated by a second viewing.

Until next time. My coffee is cooling.