Love and other drugs w/ Peter Farrelly’s Green Book (2018)

ON: my last night of being 21

IN: love again

W/: sour patch kids mixed into the popcorn

Green Book (2018) made me fall in love with movies again in the most honest and pure way. I had to leave behind expectations of the little movie tricks that are usually found in films released this time of year.

Instead I fell headfirst into STORY.

STORY was what this film clung to — something I didn’t know I had missed. I came into the theater looking for lighting and color that would make me drool, and dialogue that sounded like poetry. These anticipated moments did not disappoint. Rather, my expectations were met and enhanced with the evocation of real feeling and characters larger than any screen or stereotype.

This film is arguably based on a true story– bringing to light a friendship between ‘legendary’ Dr. Don Shirley and ‘notorious’ Tony Lip. Despite being set in the 1960’s, it is safe to say that the racial issues were stripped of nuance. However, this binary hate vs. love theme carries the story to a cozy, feel good ending.

Overall, the cast did an excellent job. The comedy and suspense rang true. And I had never seen snow lit up like fire before.

This one holds a place in my heart.