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Exhaustion is thick in the air. Aside from a grueling travel home this Sunday (see: the busiest travel day of the year) from which I have yet to recover, I have impending deadlines accompanied by the inevitable realization that I did not get nearly enough studying done during the holiday.

However, I cannot count the holiday as time wasted. I made many meaningful connections with my family. I came back to SF full, but not recharged — and still, I have  yet to do anything productive outside of the ol’ 9-5.

I mean, not a thing has been done. Many YouTube videos have been watched (see: chef making a three course meal w/ a coffeepot), takeout has been ordered, sleep has been deprived. I am truly one step away from being Leo DiCaprio’s Howard Hughes in The Aviator (2004), sans the beard & the milk bottles full of urine.

I am wondering then, how should I recharge? How do I manipulate my mind and body in such a way that I can actually  FEEL HAPPY about fulfilling my responsibilities (instead of shooting the death-glare at innocent bystanders on BART because I am very late and very sleepy)? Here’s my list thus far:

  1. Caffeine 🙂
  2. Exercise
  3. Making healthy food choices
  4. Making educated decisions :/

This all sounds good, but maybe the biggest question I must ask myself is:

What did you do for others today?  

I have to say, no matter the number of Chinese take-out chicken wings I ate yesterday, I would feel much better inside and out if I had shared them.

Can we reach a consensus about wasted days? Can we vow to no longer tolerate them? Not for the sake of ‘productivity’, but for the sake of peace of mind.