ON: it! 

IN: progress

W/: a lot to look forward to

Exhaustion is thick in the air. Aside from a grueling travel home this Sunday (see: the busiest travel day of the year) from which I have yet to recover, I have impending deadlines accompanied by the inevitable realization that I did not get nearly enough studying done during the holiday.


ON: a chilly November day 

IN: San Francisco

W/: the grace of God

The other day I went to this make-your-own pizza spot. For whatever reason, I noticed two of the workers in particular; they were wearing the same uniform, but I suspected one to be the manager, I will call him Mr. Manager. The Other Guy, I had not seen before. Both were about the same height, wore the same uniform, and had the same task.

The pizza spot was crowded. And the kitchen was understaffed. The line was spilling out of the building.